AIX 기본 계정 정보

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오늘은 AIX설치시 기본적으로 포함되는 계정들에 대한 정보를 알려드리겠습니다.

▒ adm

The adm user account owns the following basic system functions: 

Diagnostics, the tools for which are stored in the /usr/sbin/perf/diag_tool directory.

Accounting, the tools for which are stored in the following directories:







▒ bin

The bin user account typically owns the executable files for most user commands. This account's primary purpose is to help distribute the ownership of important system directories and files so that everything is not owned solely by the root and sys user accounts.

▒ daemon

The daemon user account exists only to own and run system server processes and their associated files. This account guarantees that such processes run with the appropriate file access permissions.

▒ nobody

The nobody user account is used by the Network File System (NFS) to enable remote printing. This account exists so that a program can permit temporary root access to root users. 

For example, before enabling Secure RPC or Secure NFS, check the /etc/public key on the master NIS server to find a user who has not been assigned a public key and a secret key. As root user, you can create an entry in the database for each unassigned user by entering:

newkey -u username

Or, you can create an entry in the database for the nobody user account, and then any user can run the chkey program to create their own entries in the database without logging in as root.

▒ root

The root user account, UID 0, through which you can perform system maintenance tasks and troubleshoot system problems.

▒ sys

The sys user owns the default mounting point for the Distributed File Service (DFS) cache, which must exist before you can install or configure DFS on a client. The /usr/sys directory can also store installation images.

▒ system

System group is a system-defined group for system administrators. Users of the system group have the privilege to perform some system maintenance tasks without requiring root authority.

▒ uucp, nuucp

Owner of hidden files used by uucp protocol. The uucp user account is used for the UNIX-to-UNIX Copy Program, which is a group of commands, programs, and files, present on most AIX systems, that allows the user to communicate with another AIX system over a dedicated line or a telephone line.

▒ lp, lpd

Owner of files used by printing subsystem

▒ guest

Allows access to users who do not have access to accounts

▒ invscout

Surveys the host system for currently installed microcode or Vital Product Data (VPD).

▒ snapp 

The account that manages Snapp, an extensible, XML-based application that provides a menu-driven interface for UNIX system administration tasks on a handheld PDA.


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